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HTEC - HazMat Trucking Enforcer For Commercial Users

Why risk your ability to haul hazardous materials because your out of service rate is too high. As a safety professional, what can you do? The simple answer is to adopt the same enforcement tools that commercial vehicle inspectors use, HazMat Trucking Enforcer Commercial (HTEC).

Improve performance by using the same tools enforcement inspectors use. HTEC provides instant access to both the current and voluntary regulations. A RegScan sponsored study found that inspectors using HTEC found 86% more violations, while spending 1/3 less time to perform each inspection.

Save Time and Improve Consistency
Using HazMat Trucking Enforcer Commercial saves time, since it is faster than looking up loads on charts and tables. Consistency improves because questions are not skipped, data entry is done the same by all employees, and steps are not missed.

Reduce Errors on Inter-City Pickups
Each time new items are added to a load, the potential exists for new placarding or segregation errors. Eliminate these errors by providing Dispatchers access to HazMat Trucking Enforcer Commercial. Prior to adding items to a load recalculate the placarding and segregaton options to uncover hidden conflicts.

Optimized for Quick Entry
All entry is based on the information required to be present on the shippers’ manifest, or, is directly observable from looking at the load. The design of HazMat Trucking Enforcer Commercial strives to minimize the amount of information that must be entered. When exceptions are allowed, questions are provided requesting information to confirm eligibility for that exemption. In situations where options, such as limited quantity, are not allowed, that option is grayed out.

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