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HTEC - HazMat Trucking Enforcer For Commercial Users

Modular Design
Allows you to use as much or as little of HazMat Trucking Enforcer Commercial as you need. If all you need to do is confirm proper placarding, segregation, trailer markings, and shipping paper permits, then run placarding and shipping paper auditor. If you need to perform motor cargo tank audits you can do that too.

Save Loads
HTEC allows loads to be saved, so that when changes are needed minimal keying is required. To manage these saved loads, the saved load pane allows for a grid view. In the grid view, columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order to make finding loads faster. Once the load is found double-click on it to activate it. Deleting old loads is faster with a select, and click feature.

Export Loads
Saved loads can be exported and imported allowing you to e-mail loads to a central analysis point for review, checking, or archiving. The import and export functions are found on the file menu.

Electronic Regulatory Reference Guide
The full-text of regulations, graphics, images and tables shown in 49 CFR (100 to 180) are provided within the HazMat Regs information module; eliminates the need to buy more books, saving you money. Hyperlinks provide quick access to the underlying regulations and make reviewing easier.

Unlike hardcopy CFR books, the electronic reference is updated with all Federal Register changes on a regular basis. Embedded citational links make it easy to toggle between regulatory cross-references. A quick-links document, found in the HazMat Regs explorer frame, provides immediate access to essential tables and illustrations. The HazMat Regs bookmark function allows you to add 30 customized links to critical citations, tables or other regulatory topics found within 49 CFR (100 – 180). (All modules must be installed on the local harddrive to make use of the bookmark function.) Ease of access to critical reference information is a hallmark of HazMat Trucking Enforcer.

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