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HTE Integrated for Enforcement

Improve public safety and security
Using HazMat Trucking Enforcer helps improve public safety, by helping the inspector to perform more inspections. The US DOT estimates that over 50% of all hazardous material shipments contain errors. To improve public safety HazMat Trucking Enforcer integrates the following:

  • Provides the ability to inspect motor cargo tanks even when it is not carrying a hazardous material
  • Identifies the need for safety permits when the quantities and types of highly hazardous materials are detected
  • Flags actual and potential segregation violations
  • Uses a yes / no format during audits to automatically determine violations
  • Improves confidence for inspectors to tackle all types of loads
  • Includes compliance logic for both voluntary and mandatory regulations to make sure that all loads are processed correctly
  • Provides regulation currency that is superior to using books that are update once a year; thus the inspector is less likely to forget to look for a new change
  • Improves inspections consistent by handling the same situation the same way nationwide without the problem of fatigue, forgetting, or distraction

Improve performance
A RegScan sponsored study found that inspectors using HazMat Trucking Enforcer found 86% more violations, while spending 1/3 less time to perform each inspection.

Interface with ASPEN
The auditors automatically add detected violations, thus reducing the risk of error. By using the violations pane inspectors can enter violations as they find them. Only violations recognized by ASPEN can be entered. Once all of the violations are entered, they are sent and appended to the currently open ASPEN inspection.

New 'Show-Me-What-You-See' Module
Version 6 introduces the new patent-pending “Show-Me-What-You-See” (SMWYS) audit module. SMWYS allows inspectors to input what is on the shipping papers and what markings and placards they see on the trailer and instantly determine if violations exist. Plus the compliance pane still flags segregation and permitting requirements. Finally an easy to read visual of correct placarding and markings is provided.

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