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HTE Integrated for Enforcement

External Resources

Release Modeling Software

  • Automated Data Inquiry for Oil Spills (ADIOS2) Oil Weathering Model (NOAA) [Download HTE download]
  • Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Suite (EPA) (ALOHA, CAMEO, MARPLOT)
    • (Note: v. 1.2.2 | October 31, 2007)[Download HTE download]
    • Updated MARPLOT Maps [Download HTE download]
  • DEGADIS (EPA) [Download HTE download]
  • General NOAA Oil Modeling Environment (GNOME) [Download HTE download]
  • RMP*Comp (EPA) [Download HTE download] (Note: v 1.07 | Oct. 29, 2001)
  • SLAB (EPA) [Download HTE download]
  • TSCREEN (EPA) [Download HTE download]
  • Trajectory Analysis Planner (TAP) (NOAA) [Download HTE download]

NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (NIOSH) [Download HTE download]
(Note: DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2005-149 | September 2005)

Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for Chemical Hazards (NIOSH) [Download HTE download]
(Note: There are MANY individual .pdf files - a download manager application is recommended if you want to capture this data to a local drive.)

Bioterrorism Wall Charts (NC SPICE) [Download HTE download]
(Note: There are now two charts Bioterrorism I and Bioterrorism II available from the site)

Interim Guidance for Cargo Trucking Crews for the Prevention of Pandemic Influenza [Download HTE download]

DOT Battery Recycling Guidance [Download HTE download]

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