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HTEC - HazMat Trucking Enforcer For Commercial Users

Reduce training costs
HazMat Trucking Enforcer Commercial makes training and education on both current and future regulations faster and easier. Its graphical user interface is highly effective for “show-and-tell” training. The ability to flip from one rule set to another makes it easy to get staff ready for new regulatory changes.

Improve public safety and security
Using HazMat Trucking Enforcer Commercial helps improve public safety. Reduce placarding, segregation, and trailer marking errors, reduce fines, and reduce out-of-of-service rates due to placarding and segregation errors. The US DOT estimates that over 50% of all hazardous material shipments contain errors.

Network Version also available
A Network version which runs on Thin clients such as Citrix is also available. It does not allow concurrent user licensing, but does allow multiple clients to access the server based version. In this manner, it provides reduced IT administrative costs.

Updated Quarterly

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