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HTE Integrated for Enforcement

Reduce training costs
HazMat Trucking Enforcer makes education about both current and future regulations faster and easier. Instructors can create loads to illustrate specific issues, utilize the ‘save-load’ feature to save them, and then send these loads for evaluation by trainees. The ease of reviewing multiple placarding options and the built-in support for additional allowed placards encourage trainees to explore valid alternatives. (Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but due to the complex nature of exemptions and individual situations, errors may occur; apply professional caution.)

Modular design
Allows you to concentrate on specific sections of the regulations, such as placards, package labels, trailer marking or shipping papers. Moving from module to module makes it easy for enforcement officers to step through an inspection in a focused and orderly manner.

Results can be saved
...making it easy to show inspection results in court.

Electronic Regulatory Reference Guide
The full-text of regulations plus all graphics, images, and tables covering 49 CFR (100 to 180 and 200 - 399) are provided within the HazMat Regs information module. These regulations are updated quarterly, unlike the annual updates found with the CFR books. Hyperlinks and a full-text search engine provide quick access to the underlying regulations, making regulation checking quick and easy. Even the hard to find Motor Cargo Tank regulations from the 1960’s are included.

Regulatory checking is made easy during the data entry process through the use of hyperlinks. The auditors also make extensive use of hyperlinks to the regulations allowing you to verify exactly what you are seeing compared to the regulations.

Additional reference information, such as flash points and gallon to pounds conversion, are included. A select and then a right mouse click from the search pane or the truckload pane provides access to the complete 172.101 table entry for the selected commodity number. Also linked is reference information on allowed motor cargo tanks, marine pollutants, and hazardous substance reporting. Ease of access to critical reference or regulatory information is a hallmark of HazMat Trucking Enforcer.

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